Multiple Commodities – Asia Diamond Exchange (TBA)

Asia Diamond Exchange (ADE) is rough diamond trading center to be established through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) agreement between Luxembourg-based PHILUX Global Commodities Fund and a state-owned company of Vietnam within the Free-Trade Zone of the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, near Chu Lai international airport and located in the Global Multiple Commodity Center (“GMCC”).

The Asia Diamond Exchange is a modern bourse to be organized in affiliation with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) that is fully compliant with the Kimberley attestation process.   A key component for establishing this trade will be the securing of a Diamond Building, where all diamond activities will be grouped within the Free Trade Zone, close to an international airport. This Diamond Building will be established under the model of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) and the Antwerp Diamond Exchange. It provides a secure and closed environment that houses everything a diamond trader needs under one roof.

It has the ADE:

  • trading floor;
  • a facility for diamond auctions;
  • diamond related services;
  • shipping, safe rooms;
  • banks;
  • support services such as restaurants and shops.

The ADE, in addition to providing a full range of services to support members in their daily transactions, will also house all ancillary service providers related to the diamond industry. A dedicated team will be located in the exchange and committed to assisting members and their guests:

  • Networking and Trade Lounge;
  • Boiling and polishing;
  • Secure transportation;
  • Kimberley Process Office;
  • Insurance and financing partners;
  • Gemological services and education.

World-class features include:

  • State of the art security infrastructure;
  • Dedicated security and surveillance on a 24×7 basis;
  • Operations managed by secure logistics provider – e.g. Ferrari Security and Malca Amit;
  • Flexible pricing structure for short and long term storage;
  • 24 hour access to the facility;
  • Fully automated robotic individual box vault (storage capacity of 12kgs);
  • Additional storage options apart from boxes;
  • Insurance available upon request at competitive prices;
  • Conveniently located storage in Vietnam.

Additional information about Asia Diamond Exchange will be available on the ADE website in the near future.