Our business strategy is:

 1. Build and deploy valuable resources with distinctive competitive advantages;

 2. Participate and compete in attractive businesses that have large, growing market potential; and

 3. Create long-term value and provide points of exit for investors through capital appreciation, sale or spin-offs of business units.

We provide M&A advisory services to international clients through our wholly owned subsidiary PHI Capital Holdings.

We intend to utilize our Luxembourg-based PHILUX Global Funds and its sub-funds to invest in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, real estate, healthcare, natural resources, consumer and industrial goods in emerging markets.

We also adopt a roll-up strategy by acquiring and merging operating businesses to pull resources together, cut down on operational costs and increase revenues.

 PHILUX Global Commodities Fund will be cooperating with a Vietnamese state-owned enterprise to organize a diamond exchange center (Asia Diamond Exchange) in the Free-Trade Zone within the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone in Vietnam.