Luxembourg Bank Funds

We have established PHI Luxembourg Development S.A. as the mother holding company for PHILUX Global Funds under the laws of Luxembourg.

PHILUX Global Funds is a Luxembourg bank fund being organized as a “Reserved Alternative Investment Fund” in accordance with the Luxembourg Law of July 23, 2016 relative to reserved alternative investment funds, Law of August 23, 2016 relative to commercial companies, and Modified Law of July 12, 2013 relative to alternative investment fund managers.

Initially we intend to have three compartments under PHILUX Global Funds for investment in sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and real estate.  In addition, a separate Global Commodities Fund will focus on investment in a diamond exchange center to be set up in conjunction with a state-owned company in Vietnam through a Public Private Partnership agreement.  We also plan to have other compartments under PHILUX Global Funds for consumer goods, healthcare, natural resources, etc. in the near future.