Plant Based Pharmaceuticals: Less Expensive, Quicker to Market and Few Side Effects

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September 27, 2017
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Plant Based Pharmaceuticals: Less Expensive, Quicker to Market and Few Side Effects

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Making the case for plant-based pharmaceuticals, Jeff Nielson, has written an excellent and comprehensive article on the subject…

2013-2020 regular drug market CAGR: 5.1%
2015-2020 plant-based drug market CAGR: 117.9%

The conventional pharmaceutical industry is presently confronting a number of serious issues. Costs are soaring: current industry estimates are that it takes roughly $2.6 billion to bring a new drug to market. Along with rising costs are extended timelines. It now requires (on average) 12 years to bring a new drug through the pharmaceutical approval process.

This is just the beginning of the problems for Big Pharma. Patent expiration is about to take a huge bite out of the bottom line of these companies. Between now and 2020; $259 billion in existing drug sales will lose their patent protection. This rapid decline in R&D productivity combined with a dwindling pipeline of drugs on the market will be an existential threat to some of these corporations.

In contrast, botanical drugs avoid this chemical synthesis process. Natural substances are extracted directly from their organic source, and then processed into pharmaceutical products in the form of “active complexes” which preserve all of the efficacious properties of the original natural source.

The result is drug products which exhibit far fewer issues with respect to safety and tolerance. Equally, these more benign substances rarely produce side effects which are in any way comparable to what is typically seen with conventional pharmaceuticals.

Greater safety and tolerance. Fewer side effects. These positive traits associated with botanical drugs also carry over into the drug development and approval process. With fewer safety issues to overcome in the development/approval phase, this translates into both a significantly faster timeline to move through the approval process and a significant savings in costs.

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